Our Cashmere

For Alchemy Story, the quality of our Cashmere Products is an undeniable necessity, both as a result of the great passion at the heart of the ambitious project and for the goal to be distinguished in a very complex market. Our products are impeccably woven and hand-loomed by our skilled team.

Cashmere is one of the most luxurious fabrics available in the world. For centuries, garments woven from Cashmere have been adored by the world’s elite.

Each year, the mountain goats known as “Changra” in the Nepali language, shed their fur in preparation for the heat of the summer months. This goat is a native of the Himalayan belt 10,000 ft above sea level. The local farmer collects the fur by brushing it during the molting season. At Alchemy Story we purchase the collected cashmere fur from local farmers once a year during the season.

The raw fabric of cashmere is highly breakable, but it becomes stronger by twisting. The small team at Alchemy Story uses all their learned skills and considerable years of experience to ensure that cashmere products are not only soft but also durable, a quality product that can last for many years with proper care.

The cashmere wool is sorted into different qualities. The thinner and longer the fiber, the more expensive it is, because the thin long fibers are relatively rare. For our ultra-thin shawls, we are using long thin fibers. It ensures a strong yarn despite the delicate fabric. Our thinnest shawls are so delicate they can be pulled through a finger ring. Hence the name ring shawl.

Alchemy Story firmly believes in the idea of production without pollution.

The dyes which give wonderful colors to Alchemy Story products are eco-friendly and plant-based.

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