Caramel Chevron Cashmere Throw Blanket


This Caramel Orange Cashmere Throw Blanket is one of a kind, soft and lightweight. This Orange Cashmere throws blanket is the perfect staple accessory to add a touch of warmth, color, and texture to your home. More than just a beautiful Blanket; this Caramel Cashmere throw adds a breathable layer of warmth you can use all year round.

Lay one over the end of your bed or keep it handy in the living room, these caramel brown Cashmere throws can also be added as a layer for meditation on a chilly winter or used as a baby blanket.

Seriously Super Soft
Warning, unlike most other blankets, this Caramel Cashmere throw blanket is extremely soft, gentle, and breathable. It’s like being constantly surrounded & hugged by 100 baby goats.

Since we are not using chemicals to make this Carmel Cashmere Throw, these Himalayan Cashmere fibers are not damaged and remain softer for longer as nature intended to increase the life of the products.

Material: Hand-loomed Himalayan Cashmere

Measurements: 277 cm x 132 cm

This Cashmere throw is ethically sourced through fair trade and hand-loomed using the “Tana Bana” technique with only natural dyes, which means this cashmere throw uses 85% less water and almost a zero-carbon footprint compared to conventional cotton products. This Cashmere Throw is timeless and carries a story you can feel good about.

An exquisite addition to any living or bedroom space, this caramel cashmere throw is the perfect accessory throughout the year. This cashmere throw is a soft and premium hand-loomed Himalayan Cashmere blanket. This Orange Cashmere throw blanket is made from the finest Himalayan Cashmere. This Caramel Orange Cashmere Throw will add a stylish touch to your living space and will lighten up your room ambiance.

This Orange Cashmere Throw is woven in a herringbone pattern and small hand-made details add more adds charm to its sophisticated look. We’re certain you’ll love how this cashmere throw will looks in your home.

These Caramel cashmere throws are delicately hand-loomed by skilled artisans using traditional wooden looms operated by hand. Each of these Cashmere throws is a true work of art and skills and supports the story of artisan communities.

What is Ply is Cashmere Throw?

Ply represents the amount of Cashmere used in Cashmere Throws. Although it does not noticeably increase the thickness of the cashmere throw blanket it does significantly increase the softness, warmth, and durability of the product due to the way the garment is woven together.
Because of the hand-loomed nature of these cashmere throws, each is one-of-a-kind and completely unique. There may be slight or very minor variations in the colors, sizes, and patterns of these cashmere throw.

Care: Dry clean or hand wash in cold water then lay flat to dry on a flat surface.

Caramel Chevron Cashmere Throw Blanket
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