Cashmere Throw | Olive Green


This Cashmere Green blanket is one of the kind. For those who care about quality, these green blankets/throws are the perfect accessories for layering in winter giving you classy looks. They are delicately soft against your skin and the modern prints are handmade on traditional looms. They are all hand-dyed with natural dyes. As we only use naturally shredded cashmere hair, all our products are ethically sourced. These timeless olive green blankets carry a story you can feel good about.

Ply represents the amount of Cashmere used in our products. Higher ply contributes to the overall warmth, quality, smoothness, and durability of the product.

Kindly note that choosing a higher PLY shall only result in a negligible or almost unnoticeable increment in the product’s overall thickness. Cashmere fibers are known and famed worldwide for their light-weightiness, overwhelming warmth, and smoothness properties. Because of its lightness, cashmere products are regarded as the best traveling companion all around the world.
Material: 100% Hand-loomed Himalayan Cashmere
Measurements: 277 cm x 132 cm
Since we are not using chemicals to make the cashmere products, the fibers are not damaged and remain soft as nature intended and increasing the durability of the products. They are hand-spun and provide a richer hand as they are not treated with chemicals and are allowed to act in their natural state.
Because of the hand-loomed nature of these wraps, each is one-of-a-kind and completely unique. There are slight variations in colors and patterns.

Cashmere Throw | Olive Green
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