Cashmere Throw | Light Grey Chevron Blanket


Our Cashmere Wool Light Grey Throw Blanket is soft and lightweight and is the perfect staple accessory to add a touch of warmth, color, and texture to your home. More than just a beautiful Blanket; these grey chevrons add a breathable layer of warmth you can use all year round. Lay one over the end of your bed or keep it handy in the living room. These Cashmere Wool Light Grey Throw Blankets can also be added as a layer for meditation on a chilly winter or used as a baby blanket.

Since we are not using chemicals on these Cashmere Wool Light Grey Throw Blankets, the fibers are not damaged and remain softer for longer as nature intended to increase the life of the products. This Cashmere Wool Light Grey Throw Blanket is ethically sourced through fair trade and hand-loomed using the “Tana Bana” technique with only natural dyes, which means this product uses 85% less water and has almost a zero-carbon footprint.

Material: Hand-loomed Himalayan Cashmere and Silk

Measurements: 277 cm x 132 cm

Choosing your Ply
Ply represents the amount of Cashmere used in our products. Although it does not noticeably increase the thickness of the product. It does significantly increase the softness, warmth, and durability of the product due to the way the garment is woven together.
Because of the hand-loomed nature of these wraps, each is one-of-a-kind and completely unique. There may be slight or very minor variations in colors, sizes, and patterns.

Care: Dry clean or hand wash in cold or tepid water then lay flat to dry on a flat surface.

Introducing our Cashmere Wool Light Grey Throw Blanket, a luxurious blend of comfort and sophistication. Wrap yourself in the heavenly softness of cashmere and wool, and add a touch of understated elegance to your living space.

The light grey color of this light grey throw blanket exudes timeless elegance and versatility. Its neutral hue effortlessly complements a wide range of decor styles, from contemporary to traditional, making it a versatile accessory for your home. Whether draped over a sofa, folded on an armchair, or spread across a bed, this blanket adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

Enhancing the allure of this Cashmere Wool Light Grey throw blanket is its stunning herringbone pattern. The classic herringbone weave features a series of interlocking V-shaped rows, creating a visually captivating design. To display the blanket on your couch with its herringbone pattern, simply drape it over the backrest or fold it neatly and place it on the seat cushions. The pattern will beautifully accentuate the couch, becoming an eye-catching centerpiece in your living room.

Beyond its elegant appearance, the Cashmere Wool Light Grey Throw Blanket offers exceptional warmth and comfort. Its generous size allows you to snuggle up with it on chilly evenings, while its lightweight nature makes it ideal for year-round use. Whether you’re enjoying a movie night or simply curling up with a book, this throw blanket envelops you in a cocoon of coziness.

Experience the epitome of luxury and style with our Cashmere Wool Light Grey Throw Blanket. Elevate your decor with its herringbone pattern and add a touch of sophistication to your living space. Whether used as a decorative accent or a cozy companion, this throw blanket is designed to provide both comfort and aesthetic pleasure. Indulge in its sumptuous softness and enjoy the elegance it brings to your homes

cashmere wool light grey throw blanketCashmere Throw | Light Grey Chevron Blanket
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