Cotton Quilt Baby Blanket Owl


This Cotton Quilted Purple Owl Baby Blanket is hand-stitched by women of the Tamrakar family in Nepal. This cotton owl baby blanket is made from organic cotton and is very lightweight. This cotton owl baby blanket is very breathable and is perfect to use in the cot or pram.

Size: 115 cm*100 cm

Weight: 500 grams

Suitable upto: New Born to 4 Years Old

Weave: Hand Stitched

These Purple owl baby blankets are free from any harmful chemicals and are made by stuffing fibrous organic cotton between two cotton sheets which are further hand stitched to make the final cotton quilted baby blanket. These purple baby blankets are generous in size but very breathable and lightweight due to the light nature of cotton.


These cotton-quilted owl baby blankets are used by Nepalese families for generations and are made in small batches by local women. These baby blankets are as warm as cashmere and soft as baby yak wool.

The Nepalese name for these cute baby blankets is ‘Dolai’, which is a traditional name, given to a lighter version of Duvets, made by inserting cotton on the inside of two sheets, then performing hand stitching in Kantha Style Technique to make sure the cotton fillings on the inside remains intact and aids in insulation.

This purple owl baby blanket is certain to be a favorite in your little one’s blanket. Made from three layers of 100% cotton fiber and cotton fabric, this owl purple baby blanket is very durable and can be used for a very long time. Attractive and bright prints on both sides of these cotton quilted owl baby blankets will add a beautiful touch to any nursery and can also be used as a shower gift.

Each cotton quilted owl baby blankets come with a white premium muslin cover and can also be used as a cover for these cotton baby blanket.

Washing Instruction: Muslin Cover of the cotton quilted owl baby blanket can be hand-washed or machine washed. We do not recommend washing the cotton quilted baby blanket as it is filled with pure fibrous organic cotton which might lose its volume on washing. In case of a stain, try washing only the stained area of the blanket.

Care Instruction: Use a Muslin cover when the purple cotton quilted owl baby blanket is not in use.



owl baby blanket, purple blanket , purple cotton blanketCotton Quilt Baby Blanket Owl
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