Cotton Scarf Meditation Shawl Orange


These Large cotton scarves are handmade by the women of the Newar Community in Nepal. Extremely lightweight and this cotton scarf are very warm. It is generous in size and can be worn as either a scarf or as a shawl.
This cotton scarf is inspired by elements of nature and is also a travel companion.
These cotton scarves are exclusive to the oldest inhabitants of Kathmandu VALLEY, Newar Community, and are called “Dolai” in the local Newari language. It is made by stitching pure cotton fabric which is hand-loomed in a traditional Nepalese pattern called Dhaka. This Dhaka pattern cotton fabric is hand sewed between two layers of muslin cloth. This cotton scarf is very breathable and can be worn in a reversible way.
These cotton scarves are large enough to be used as a throw and also an ideal summer wrap.

Our cotton Scarves are a sophisticated and versatile piece and is perfect as a yoga shawl or meditation shawl. This cotton meditation shawl is perfect for meditation practice in the morning. Since most of the meditation practices are performed in the early morning before sunrise, it is going to be very cold at that time. For a beginner, such coldness can create a distraction and deviate them from the path of spirituality. Hence, it is a good practice to comfort yourself with this large cotton shawl to keep your entire body warm and heated during your meditation session, thus helping you to channel your overall focus level and attention towards your chakra opening and not elsewhere.

-Long Shawls
-Meditation Shawls
-Travel-Friendly Shawls
-Perfect Baby Shower Gift
-Comfy Bedding Blankets for Babies & Adults
-Sofa/Couch Cotton Throws
-Soft, Lightweight, and Warm Baby Wraps
-Made up of 3 Layer Fine Quality Cotton and Dhaka Fabric
-Can be worn in all 4 Seasons of Nepal Climate

In Nepalese culture, these cotton scarves or shawls are called ‘Malmal’ shawls, where ‘Malmal’ means ‘Softness’, are gifted to the mother, expecting a baby, as these shawls are capable of keeping both the mother and child warmer when it is cold in Nepal. The warmth and softness from these wraps help to comfort and relax the child during the time of its sleep, thus giving more time for new mothers to get proper rest by themselves.

Washing Instructions:
These cotton scarves can be hand-washed or machine-washed using baby-safe detergents. However, we highly recommend Handwashing. Please avoid any harsh chemicals like bleach. We don’t recommend using any bleach. Higher temperatures might cause the fabrics to shrink.

Cotton Scarf Meditation Shawl Orange
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