Grey Cashmere Scarf


This Grey Cashmere Scarf is a must-have in any wardrobe. Wrap graciously in this cashmere scarf. This Handloom grey Cashmere Scarf will surround you with luxurious Cashmere warmth and add style to any outfit. Easily to carry, this lightweight cashmere scarf can be used on many occasions to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe.

Woven from the finest of cashmere fibres from the Himalayas, this grey cashmere scarf is very soft, warm and lustrous quality, making it the perfect accessory for every occasion.

Seriously Soft, Unlike most other fabric scarves, this Cashmere Scarf is super soft, gentle, and breathable. It’s like being constantly surrounded & hugged by 20 baby goats.

Since we are not using chemicals to make the cashmere scarf, the cashmere fibres are not damaged and remain softer for longer as nature intended to increase the life of the products.

This grey cashmere scarf is ethically sourced through fair trade and hand-loomed using the “Tana Bana” technique with only natural dyes, which means the cashmere scarf uses 85% less water and has almost a zero-carbon footprint compared to conventional cotton products. This cashmere scarf is timeless and carries a story you can feel good about!

Material: Hand-loomed Himalayan Cashmere and Cotton
Length: 180 cm ll Width: 72 cm (sizes may vary slightly)

Because of the hand-loomed nature of this cashmere scarf, each is one-of-a-kind and completely unique. There may be slight or very minor variations in colours, sizes and patterns.

This Cashmere Scarf is soft and lightweight and perfect for layering in your dress, coat, or jacket. This Cashmere Scarf is generous in size and large enough to wear around your neck or draping them over your shoulders. It measures large enough to be styled as a cashmere shawl or cashmere wrap. This grey Cashmere scarf turns the simplest outfit into a statement piece.

We believe in slow fashion and sustainable fashion. Each cashmere scarf is made in an ethical and sustainable way. If taken care of properly this grey cashmere scarf will last long for a long time. This classic grey cashmere scarf is never out of fashion and can be worn for more than one season.

This Grey Cashmere Scarf can also be worn in summer and is also super lightweight to carry for any type of travel. This Grey Cashmere Scarf is also naturally breathable due to the “Tana Bana” weaving technique, hypoallergenic, and moisture-wicking. It does not require frequent cleaning. In case of stain Spot cleaning is recommended.

Our Handmade Grey Cashmere Scarf is spun from long fiber and lightweight Himalayan Cashmere with a touch of natural silk to improve durability and feels and also to add volume.

But it’s not just the quality of the fabric that makes a grey cashmere scarf so special. The color itself is a statement of sophistication and elegance. Grey is a versatile and timeless color that complements any outfit, from a casual jeans-and-sweater combo to a formal business suit.

What’s more, a grey cashmere scarf can be worn in a variety of styles, depending on your mood and the occasion. Wrap it around your neck for a classic look, or drape it over your shoulders for a more relaxed and casual feel. You can even knot it in a stylish way to add some flair to your outfit.

The lightweight Cashmere Scarf is large in size and less in volume which made it easy to slip into your handbag or wear as a shawl blanket on a long-haul flight. With each grey cashmere scarf, you will receive a silk pouch that can be used to store this cashmere scarf.

This Grey Cashmere Scarf is the ultimate practical luxury, easy to pack, and perfect layering for any season. Our Grey Cashmere Scarf is unisex and our men’s and women’s cashmere scarves are for everyone’s style. They are beautifully finished with a traditional raw edge.

This Sustainable cashmere scarf is made using sustainable practices that ensure the well-being of both the cashmere goats and the environment. Sustainable cashmere farmers use ethical and humane practices to care for their goats, ensuring that they are not over-grazed and that their living conditions are optimal.

By choosing a sustainable grey cashmere scarf, you’re not only getting a high-quality and luxurious accessory but also supporting ethical and sustainable practices that protect the planet and its inhabitants.

Alchemy Story has a passion for protecting the environment and is committed to bringing ethical and sustainable clothing. We are committed to a plastic-free unboxing experience for our consumers.

Care: Dry clean or hand wash in cold or lukewarm water then lay flat to dry on a flat surface. Please read our blog on how to care for your Cashmere products for more details.

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