Hood Poncho Cashmere -Personalised


This cashmere hood poncho is very versatile and is super light in weight. Extremely lightweight and super cozy, this hood poncho are also perfect as a meditation shawl.

Maroon is a warm color that evokes both relaxation and creativity but mostly, it is the symbol of power and courage. For a meditation practitioner, dark red is the color people mostly wear and wrap around themselves during meditation practices to unblock any blockage, affecting in the opening of their Root Chakra passage.

Since most of the meditation practices are performed in the early morning before sunrise, it is going to be very cold at that time. For a beginner, such coldness can create distraction and deviate them from the path of spirituality. Hence, it is a good practice to comfort yourself with a hooded poncho such as ours to keep your entire body warm and heated during your meditation session, thus helping you to channel your overall focus level and attention towards your chakra opening and not elsewhere.

Ply represents the amount of Cashmere used in our products. Although it does not noticeably increase the thickness of the product. It does significantly increase the softness, warmth, and durability of the product due to the way the garment is woven together.

Our products are all handloom using “ Tana Bana” technique and hand dyed using natural dyes .

Since we are not using chemicals to make the cashmere products, the fibers are not damaged and remain soft as nature intended and increasing the durability of the products. They are hand-spun and provide a richer hand as they are not treated with chemicals and are allowed to act in their natural state.

Size: Freesize ( 76.5cm long * 79cm wide )

Care: Dry clean or hand wash cold and lay flat to dry

Because of the hand-loomed nature of these ponchos, each is one-of-a-kind and completely unique. There are slight variations in colors and patterns.

**Custom Color Order Accepted.

hood poncho, meditation ponchoHood Poncho Cashmere -Personalised
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