Sustainable Fashion vs. Slow Fashion

The term “slow fashion” was first coined by author, design activist, and professor Kate Fletcher and defines it as quality-based rather than time-based. This movement encourages the slower production of clothes. Slow fashion is the exact opposite of everything that fast fashion stands for and encourages the consumption of made-to-last pieces that outlive trends. It involves thrift shopping, second-hand clothes, upcycling old garments, and shopping from small quantity producers to quality pieces with a longer lifespan.

The obsession with mass production has harmed the environment. Slow Fashion inspires the way for sensible consuming fashion while Sustainable fashion can be considered as being mindful of what we are wearing, and enjoying fashion without putting less pressure on the environment.

This holistic approach considers the product’s complete lifecycle with an ethical and sustainable system that benefits both consumers and producers. So, when a brand takes time to produce beautiful clothes that are made to last with a social conscience, it abides by the rules of slow fashion.

To make a true impact as a consumer in sustainable fashion and slow fashion, we have to stop focusing on quick trends and instead commit to long-term solutions that tackle the underlying causes of environmental waste and the social costs of fashion.

Endorsing brands that are sustainable and practice slow fashion ways of production could be a good initiative towards slow fashion. Slow fashion and sustainable fashion are two sides of the same coin and they co-exist together.

As proud proponents of both the slow fashion movement and sustainability, Alchemy Story takes pride in providing perennial styles made consciously with the most sustainable natural fiber materials and hand dyed using only natural dyes. In our commitment to providing you with the most sustainable fashion, we make sure that our styles outlive trends. Most of our products are made to order and we do not keep more stocks so that we can walk in the footsteps of slow fashion.

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