Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

Fashion plays a major role in the global economy with annual revenues totaling over £1 trillion but is also one of the largest polluting industries in the world.

Globally, there’s one garbage truck of textile waste dumped at a landfill or burnt every second. This enormous amount of waste is created by fast fashion companies that launch weekly fashion trends and fulfill them with poor quality cheap priced products. It also has a huge climate change footprint, and if we’re going to tackle the existential threat of climate change, the fashion industry needs to urgently address its unsustainable practices. It’s essential that we work towards a fashion industry that is working in a sustainable way.

Sustainable fashion is a way that is most considerate of humanity and the environment, reducing the environmental impact wherever possible. The ultimate goal is to have a system that works without leaving a negative footprint. Sustainable brands focus on clothing quality products from long-lasting materials and are about meeting today’s needs while ensuring that the way we go about meeting those needs meets future needs as well. It also benefits the fashion supply chain – from farmers to consumers to everyone working in end-of-life facilities such as recycling factories. Ethical and sustainable clothes and accessories consider all aspects of the supply chain, from the processes and resources to respecting the workers and the environment; all while focussing on sustainability throughout the journey.

The fashions Industry is filled with synthetic fiber mostly polyester which upon washing this material sheds small particles of plastic which easily mix with water that is later washed away to the ocean. These particles are minute and minuscule and can be passed through sewage systems quite easily, and because they do not biodegrade it causes a serious threat to marine life. Small creatures such as plankton eat up these microfibers of plastic and this gets circulated in the food chain system, fish eat plankton and humans eat fish, therefore, the plastic ends up in our bodies creating health difficulties. Natural fabrics are more durable and do not emit toxic fumes into the atmosphere, the factories that make artificial manmade fabrics generate a majority of chemical waste

It is crucial that we all should be educated about the harm that we are causing to our world and that we should now make a change and wear eco-friendly clothes and products. Our environment is fading away and we should take note of that and start wearing natural fabric products. 

How can we reduce our Fashion’s Environmental Impact?

1.    Buying fewer clothes

2.     Buying clothes from sustainable brands

3.     Choosing quality over quantity


Alchemy Story is an exclusively sustainable and ethical fashion brand that only uses natural dyes extracted from plants. All our clothing is handwoven or handknits using organic, eco-friendly cashmere and other natural fiber which are ethically sustainably sourced. The skilled craftsmen pour their hearts and souls into the craft and they are fairly paid. Clothes made of fur or leather lead to the death of many innocent animals. For many people, the guilt of wearing these clothes is too much which is why at Alchemy Story we only use naturally shed Cashmere hair and strictly follow cruelty-free philosophy so that you can rest assured that your fashion didn’t cause the death of another living being. 

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